Thanks mainly to the level of clutter on air in the form of channels available and the volume of advertising media. ECLA will ensure your presence is noticed.


Brand Building

We design iconic, appealing and immediately recognizable company logos, concisely conveying the essence of your company and its core values ...


Media Relations

Media relations is one of ECLA’s strongest capabilities. It’s about delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience.


Company Overview

ECLA is a full-service marketing communications with experience in virtually every kind of communication and every kind of audience. Our Tanzania based firm is a sole source, virtual agency that taps into specialized talent that is relevant to the specific strategic needs of our clients. We bring the best and the brightest to the table to match your industry and explicit communications objectives.

We partner with clients to first understand their overarching business objectives and then create an integrated communication strategy that will earn the desired results.

It doesn’t matter how good your company, product or investment opportunity is if nobody knows about it. ECLA connects messages to audiences in a way that is memorable, moving and motivating.

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Contact Info

ECLA Company Ltd.
Block A. MKC/MCB/62,
P.O.Box 79595.

Telephone: +255 222774476
Hotline: +255 759 777 222

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